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Problem solving scenario 3: Team member changes role or leaves company

The team at a small design firm has used Dropbox Business for a few years now, and they love the way it helps them stay organized and collaborate with other team members and clients. A member of their team will be leaving them, but with Dropbox Business, they know that the transition will be smooth.

Meet the team

Lorelai and her team specialize in web design.


Meet Lorelai

As the IT admin responsible for making sure the company is running smoothly, Lorelai is in charge of fixing any technical issues when they occur. She’s the team admin for her company’s Dropbox Business account.

Saying goodbye to a team member
Transferring the account to Annie

Watch as Lorelai transfers Corey’s accounts to Annie using Dropbox Business.

Using remote wipe on Corey’s devices

Watch as Lorelai uses remote wipe to delete the Dropbox Business folders off Corey’s account.

Don’t sweat the transitions

Dropbox Business makes it easy to take a member off a team account if they leave the company or change roles. Data transferring can be complicated and messy with other systems, but Dropbox makes sure your data is safety transferred and wiped from all old devices.