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Life of an admin at a large business

Life of an admin at a large business

The team at a large marketing and sales firm has just started using Dropbox. Aniela, the IT manager, is hoping Dropbox will help make her hectic job a little more manageable.

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Meet Aniela

As the IT manager, Aniela has many responsibilities at her company. In her day-to-day, Aniela needs to plan, manage, and coordinate business and team projects, while also updating management on the status of the company’s IT efforts. Much of what Aniela needs—like schedules and budget reports and timesheets—isn’t in the same place.

But with Dropbox, Aniela’s life is about to get much easier.

Meet Aniela - team admin

How Dropbox makes Aniela’s job easier

Managing projects

Watch as Aniela manages her team’s projects by integrating third-party apps.

Getting your money's worth

The manager in the marketing department at Aniela’s company approaches her to ask how much their team is using Dropbox, and if she thinks the company is getting its money’s worth with a Dropbox team account . As the IT admin, Aniela can help the manager find out who is using the tools effectively and efficiently.

The Dropbox team admin console provides key insights into Aniela’s team’s activities, as well as shortcuts to important and common admin actions.

Find a team member - Getting your money's worth

Find a team member

If Aniela wants to see if a team member has accepted an invite to the Dropbox team account, then she can check the Members tab. Simply enter a first name, last name, or email address and go right to the member’s profile.

Managing team members

Select play to watch as Aniela uses Active Directory to manage Dropbox access for her team members.

Simplify your day-to-day

Dropbox makes Aniela’s job—making IT decisions, planning, coordinating, and evaluating team projects—a little bit easier. Aniela uses all the tools, features, and customizations a Dropbox team account offers to manage her large team and give them the apps they need.

Even if you’re not an IT manager, these features can be applied to almost anyone, anywhere.

Simplify your day-to-day - team admin