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Integrating with your identity provider

Integrating with your identity provider

Dropbox business makes it easy for you to integrate your current identity management provider with your company’s Dropbox business account—the best way to efficiently manage users and groups. Scroll down to learn more.

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No identity crisis here

If you already have an existing identity provider, integrating it with Dropbox will make it easier for your team members to use the username and password they already know to log into all their other IT systems.

What does that mean for you? An easy transition to Dropbox business and a great way to manage users and groups within Dropbox. You don’t have to worry about that one person in the office who’s always forgetting their passwords—when you integrate your existing solution into Dropbox, you don’t have to change any Dropbox passwords.

No identity crisis here - team admin

How do I enable my identity provider?

Enabling your existing identity provider (IDM) is simple. Once you’re on the Dropbox app integrations page, under the For IT admins filter, select Identity & Access Management. This will show you a number of identity management providers that are already connected with Dropbox. Select your provider and follow the instructions to integrate it with your company’s Dropbox business account.

If your IDM provider is not listed, you may be able to develop a custom solution if your IDM provider has an open API.

How do I enable my identity provider? - team admin

Can I use my IDM provider?

Good question. The following identity providers offer preconfigured settings for Dropbox:

  • Auth0

  • Bitium

  • CA Siteminder

  • Centrify

  • Google Apps

  • MobileIron Access

  • OneLogin

  • Okta

  • Ping Identity

  • Salesforce

  • Symantec Identity: Access Manager

  • Symplified

If your IDM provider isn’t on this list, contact your IDP to get their advice on connecting Dropbox to their service.

Can I use my IDM provider? - team admin

Manage users with the AD Connector

Dropbox business admins can automate the creation and removal of accounts from an existing Active Directory (AD) system. The Dropbox Active Directory Connector allows syncing between an Active Directory and a Dropbox business team, which better helps you to manage users and groups. Want to learn how to set it up?