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Using a third-party technology partner with your Dropbox team account

Using a third-party technology partner with your Dropbox team account

While Dropbox concentrates on doing what we do extremely well, we also know that there are third parties who do what they do—extremely well. Rather than trying to build out every tool, we make it very easy to connect your Dropbox account with various third-party technology partners.

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Why would I want to use or integrate with a technology partner?

We’re glad you asked.

In some circumstances, you might require additional information on your Dropbox team, for security, visibility, or simply to have a more detailed audit log. Maybe your boss recently asked you to get more detailed information on how many team members in the company are utilizing Dropbox or the security measures for the team’s account.

The software available from Dropbox technology partners can help you by providing analytics and visualization on:

  • Login activity

  • Membership activity (ex: requests, additions, removals)

  • Device activity

  • Dropbox business API-based application activity

  • Sharing activity both within and outside the team

  • Security metrics, including detailed user and path tracking

Get control over sensitive data

Along with visual usage metrics like seeing active members, storage over time, and how much time team members spend on Dropbox, technology partners are also a valuable security tool. Security information and event management (SIEM) is just one category of third-party integrations that allow admins to use Dropbox with their security solutions.

SIEM allows Dropbox team admins to oversee and manage employee activity and access sensitive data through the admin console. That folder with all of the company’s earnings for the past year? You control who has access, who can share it, and where it’s being viewed.

Find the security you need

If you require additional security, visibility, or tracking for your team’s account, we’re confident that there’s a technology partner that can connect to your Dropbox team to provide you with exactly what you need.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) partners can help you monitor and enforce granular policies specifying what data can be uploaded, downloaded, or shared from Dropbox.

If you aren’t sure what you need, you can always contact a Dropbox representative so that we can assist you in finding the right partner for your particular needs.