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Using Dropbox to automate business processes

Using Dropbox to automate business processes

A large design firm has just started using a Dropbox team account, and they’re hoping to connect the tools they use every day and get the most out of Dropbox.

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Meet the team

Brendan and his team work at a large design firm known for their innovative and fresh designs. The company recently joined Dropbox, and they’re excited see how tools they already use work with their new accounts.

Meet Brendan - Meet the team - Using Dropbox to automate business processes

Meet Brendan

Brendan is the IT manager responsible for managing IT budgets, coordinating team projects, and updating management on those projects. He’s juggling a lot of responsibilities.

A new era of integration

Watch as Brendan seamlessly integrates apps into his company’s Dropbox team account.

See a list of all third-party app integrations, and get started connecting them to a Dropbox team account.

Let the ideas flow

Watch as the team shares, edits, and collaborates using a Dropbox team account.

Recover what you need

With a Dropbox team account, Brendan has 180 days to recover anything he’s accidentally deleted or to restore old versions of his files. Watch as Brendan discovers how version history can help him get more done.

Note: the video mentions a 120-day file recovery window, but it’s actually now 180 days for Dropbox team users.

Fluid and natural workflow

With a Dropbox team account, this design team works smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

Brendan was able to seamlessly integrate the apps he and his team know and use day-to-day with their Dropbox team account. Brendan can get his job done easily because all of the apps he needs are connected in one place, allowing for a fluid and natural workflow.

Can you see your organization using Dropbox in these ways? Even if you’re not in design, these features can be applied to almost anyone, anywhere.

Fluid and natural workflow - team admin