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Connecting to our scripting community

Connecting to our scripting community

There are endless possibilities to what you can do with Dropbox. The scripting community is made up of users, just like you, who use our API to create new Dropbox functionality, integrate applications, and extend Dropbox beyond our core web, mobile, and desktop apps.

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What is the Dropbox API?

The Dropbox API allows developers to build Dropbox functionality directly into their apps and develop extensions to enable you to do more with Dropbox.

The API allows access to features such as file uploading, downloading, sharing, searching, and restoration. It can be used on platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, or any others that can make HTTPS connections.

API configuration for team member file access

To give your team members file access via API, first sign in to with your admin credentials, select Create App, and follow the prompts. Note that you’ll want to create a unique name for the app, and then choose what account will own that app.

How can I manage my existing team apps?

To manage existing connected apps, log into with your admin credentials, and open the Admin console. Next, select Settings, scroll to Integrations, and select Connected apps and extensions. There you can see the status of all your team apps, and either add ones you need or delete ones you aren’t using.