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How do I get started?

How do I get started?

Ready to set up your team’s Dropbox team account? Get started with these steps.

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Unlock easy deployment

As a Dropbox team admin, you have a lot of responsibility, like getting your team set up. It’s easy to do with the admin console.

Start with Settings

If you’ve looked around the admin console, you may have noticed that there are a lot of options to explore in the Settings tab.

This section contains the bulk of what you can do as an admin, from adjusting your team account information, controlling authentication and password settings, and managing devices, members, and content, just to name a few.

You can also set up early access to some of Dropbox’s newest features and configure other tools like Paper or Microsoft Office add-ins.

Want to take a tour of the Admin Console? Watch our Admin Console tutorial.

Deployment and domain management

Now that you know where you can configure your settings, you’re ready to verify your domain and get deployment underway.

Domain verification allows certain types of admins to verify the ownership of an email domain with Dropbox.

Note: Domain verification is available to Dropbox teams on an Advanced or Enterprise plan.

Keep it in the company

If you have an Advanced or Enterprise plan, combining domain verification with invite enforcement helps make adding new team members easier and faster. Wondering how?

So the question remains: why set up invite enforcement? It helps prevent unauthorized Dropbox use on a company domain by requiring invited users to choose what they want to do with the data in their existing basic account.

Enabling this feature will cause all future invites on your domain to be enforced, which means users will need to choose what they want to do with data in their existing accounts and grants admins additional control over any unmanaged users.

If you do choose to enable invite enforcement, keep in mind that it will only affect invites sent after the feature is turned on.

If an invited user is already on a personal account with your company domain, their account will stop syncing until they choose what to do with their data. If they choose to keep their account personal, Dropbox will make them a brand new empty work account!

Want to configure invite enforcement? It’s easy. Visit the admin console, select Settings, and then scroll down to the Team management section. Then select Domains. From the verified domain you can enable invite enforcement by selecting the Invited users radio button.

Account capture

There’s another Enterprise-only feature that helps prevent unauthorized usage on a company domain. It’s called account capture.

Note: Account capture is available to Dropbox teams on an Enterprise plan.

Work email address only

Account capture prevents unauthorized Dropbox usage on a company domain. It requires users to join the Dropbox team with their company email address or if they have an existing personal Dropbox account using their company email address, to choose between converting that account to a work account, or converting it to a new personal account by changing the associated email address.

Show me how

Take a look at these tutorials if you’re looking for more ways to streamline getting started as an admin.

Tour the admin console

Whether you’re new to the admin console, or you just haven’t visited it in a long time, it’s always helpful to get a tour. No matter the size of your team, you’ll find plenty of tools here to make your life easier.

Select play to take the tour now.

Verifying your domain

Want to know how to verify your company’s domain?

Click play to learn more.

How to configure early access

Want to give your team access to Dropbox’s newest features before they’re rolled out for everyone else?

Select play to learn more.

Common questions

Got a question about setting up your team’s new Dropbox account? We’ve likely got an answer. If you have a question that’s not listed here, check out for more answers.

I’ve got more people joining my team. How do I add more licenses to my Dropbox team account?

Adding additional licenses is easy! Visit the admin console and select the Billing tab. Then select Manage account and Manage licenses. Change the number of licenses (you’ll see a price displayed as well), and then select Add licenses.

As an admin, can anyone see my files?

No, not unless you have another team admin on your account. By default, everything in your Dropbox team account is private, just like it is for other users. However, other team admins can sign in as you and see your Dropbox team files.

How can I quickly find team members as an admin?

There are two ways you can find team members. Use the search bar at the top of the dashboard to find current members, or find old or deleted members under the Members tab in the admin console.

Configure your admin console

Try out these actions when you set up your own admin console. Each one starts in the Settings tab.


Keep users from sharing outside the team

First, if you want to make sure your users can’t share stuff with people outside of your team, go to the Settings page and scroll down to Content. Then, select Sharing.