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Problem solving scenario 2: New team member

A small design firm has used Dropbox Business for a few years now, and they love the way it helps them stay organized and collaborate with team members and clients. The company started out with less than 20 people, but as their team expands and they find themselves hiring more and more, they need an efficient way to add new people.

Meet the team

Lorelai and her team work at a small design firm that specializes in web design.


Meet Lorelai

As the IT admin responsible for making sure the company is running smoothly, Lorelai is in charge of fixing any technical issues when they occur. She’s the team admin for her company’s Dropbox Business account.

Welcoming a new team member using Dropbox Business

Watch as Lorelai invites Alex, the new team member, to the company’s Dropbox Business account.

Work in the way that makes sense to you

Lorelai used suggested members to add Alex to the team, but there are many other ways in which Lorelai could have added Alex to the company’s Dropbox Business account.

Adding new team members via the admin console

If you choose to invite new team members via the admin console, navigate to the Members page and select Invite members. Then, enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite and click Send invite. It’s that easy.

Adding new team members via the AD Connector

The admin of a Dropbox Business team can use the AD Connector to sync teams with Dropbox Business. This makes onboarding multiple people quick and easy. To get started, select the Active Directory group you'd like to sync with your Dropbox Business team. It's easiest to create an Active Directory group called “Dropbox.” Check that Email Attribute is set to Email Address. Then, select Manage existing users to sync changes to users that were manually created through admin console. Learn more about using the AD Connector in the Dropbox Help Center.

Adding new team members via third-party apps

Team admins can integrate third-party apps to their company’s Dropbox Business accounts. Once integrated, an IDM provider can help manage new team members. To see all of the third-party apps available, visit our integrations page and select "For IT admins” and check the box for “Identity & Access Management.” There you can see a list of IDM providers. Then it’s as simple as selecting the best one for you and your company.


Get the most out of Dropbox

Looking for an identity management solution, like Lorelei? Check out one of our best-in-class Identity and Access Management technology partners.

Dropbox technology partners extend the value of Dropbox by easily connecting to the tools your team uses every day, letting you get the most out of Dropbox.

Simple and secure

Dropbox Business makes it simple and secure to add new team members to an account. Admins can onboard their new members in the way that makes the most sense to them. Looking for a list of all the methods of inviting members?

No matter which option you choose, Dropbox makes it easy to communicate with your team with these great email templates. Just copy, paste, and send! The ease with which Lorelai onboarded Alex means she didn’t have to waste any of her time, and Alex can hit the ground running in his new job.