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Problem solving scenario 1: Team member’s phone, computer, or tablet goes missing

Problem solving scenario 1: Team member’s phone, computer, or tablet goes missing

A small design firm has used Dropbox Business for a few years now, and they love the way it helps them stay organized and in-sync, both internally and externally. But now, one of their team members has lost his phone with the current designs for a new client, and the team needs to figure out how to handle the situation.

Meet the team

Lorelai and her team work at a small design firm that specializes in web design.


Meet Lorelai

As the IT admin responsible for making sure the company is running smoothly, Lorelai is in charge of fixing any technical issues that occur. She’s the team admin for her company’s Dropbox Business account.

Find peace of mind

Watch as Alex tells Lorelai that he has lost his phone, with a connected Dropbox Business account, on his way to work this morning.

Wipe away the problem

Any admin of a Dropbox Business account can use remote wipe to delete the Dropbox folder from a team member’s linked device if it's ever lost or stolen.


Delete a Dropbox folder from a lost mobile device

If a team member’s device is ever lost or stolen, remote wipe makes it easy for admins to keep the team’s data secure. Once you’ve signed in to with your admin credentials, click Members in the left sidebar, then select the team member who needs help. From here, scroll to Devices, click the X beside that device, confirm, and you’re done!

Note that the team member can also stop syncing a device on their own, too. To do so, they can sign in to their Dropbox account on From here, they can click their avatar at the top right of any page, then click Settings, and open the Security tab. Then, find the device that has the Dropbox folder you want to delete, and click the trash icon. Be sure to check the box to delete Dropbox files from this device the next time it comes online.

Getting back on track

It’s time for the team to get back on track.

Once you unlink a device and select the remote wipe option, the device will immediately stop syncing, and you can stop worrying. Dropbox will attempt to delete the entire Dropbox folder whenever the device is online and the Dropbox app is running. When you unlink a phone, Dropbox will remote wipe by default. Remote wipe is optional when you unlink a computer.

Even though Alex lost his phone, the data on it stayed safe and secure with remote wipe.