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Solving team challenges: from sync issues to conflicted copies

Solving team challenges: from sync issues to conflicted copies

Dropbox team accounts make it easy for teams to safely share and collaborate, no matter where they are, no matter the devices they use. But sometimes with all those people collaborating, accidents occur and you’ll need to step in and help.

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Head off the mishaps

Learn how you can save the day when your team members run into trouble.

Do any of these seem familiar?

From missing or deleted files to knowing the right way to share files and folders, some challenges are more common than others. Have you ever run into one of these problems before? Maybe you weren’t sure how to solve it? Here’s a walkthrough of some common issues.

Example 1: Upload and sync

Do your files look different between your Dropbox folder, mobile app, and Is your sync function failing to complete? You may be experiencing a syncing issue.

Example 2: Creating a shared folder inside of a team folder

It’s common for your team members to want to share folders within another shared folder, but that’s not possible. However, Dropbox team users can share a folder that’s inside of a team folder instead.

Example 3: Conflicted copies

When we collaborate, sometimes we create conflicted copies of files. This happens when two people have the same file open at the same time and both make changes to that file. Dropbox won’t try and merge the changes. Instead, Dropbox saves the original file and the newer one as a “conflicted copy” so no one loses anything. How can you help prevent conflicted copies in the future?

Show me how

Want to see how to resolve additional troubles that a team member might have?

I can’t find a shared folder!

Using the help center

Need a little help? Have a question but no answer? The Dropbox help center can answer your most pressing questions.

Try it out

Want to see the steps to take if you need to use the help center? Look through the following tutorial and follow along with your own Dropbox team account.

Ask a question, any question

Let’s say you want to learn how to share files and links. Visit the help center and search for your content.