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What tools are available to me to help my team members?

What tools are available to me to help my team members?

So, one of your team members has run into a problem with Dropbox and has a question for you. Now what? Take a look at everything Dropbox team accounts have available to make your job easier.

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Save the day with support

Learn how you can save the day when team members are having troubles.

Several ways to support

Dropbox has several different support pages to help you out when you need it. Learn who has access to those pages, and how and when to use them.

Visit the help center

Have you checked out the Dropbox help center? It’s a complete library of content about every Dropbox product and feature and has troubleshooting information for most issues. As a self-serve tool that’s available to everyone, it’s a great place to start if you have a question.

You can either type an entry into the search bar, browse help articles by category, or scroll down to see featured articles.

Admin console overview

As an admin, you’ll quickly find that you can solve many challenges just by navigating to the admin console. Each section of the admin console has plenty of features and settings that you can adjust to resolve issues that may arise.


On the Members page, you can find all current and former members of your team, and add or remove team members. By clicking on a current team member, you can find per-user activity to help troubleshoot that individual's support request. You can also go to the Members page to transfer files from a former team member to another user.


On the Activity page, Admins can monitor their entire team by viewing specific events or creating reports of every event that took place during a specific date range. You can even get more detailed reports, like which devices the member has added to their account or which apps they’re using, by selecting a team member’s name.

Team folders

The Content tab allows admins easy access to their company’s files and folders. Admins can also create team folders and manage membership.


With Groups, you can create and manage lists of members who need access to the same information. Group members are automatically added to all shared folders that the group has been invited to.

On the Groups page, admins can decide if users can create and manage their own groups or if all groups will be centrally managed by admins (these are called company-managed groups). Any admin can create company managed groups and adjust group membership.


On the Settings page, admins can manage a whole host of team-wide settings, including external sharing, team member authentication, even third-party app integrations.


Everybody needs a little help sometimes, even admins. On the Help page, admins can see all of the options available to contact Dropbox support.

See what they see

As the IT help desk for your team, sometimes you’ll want to log in as a user to see what’s up, whether it’s for troubleshooting or security purposes.

Can’t find a team member and need to access files

If you can’t contact a team member and they forgot to share some important files with the rest of the team, you can log in as that person and share the files or folders. That way, nobody’s vacation was ruined, and the team can get back to business.

Note that the team member will get a notification that you’ve logged in as them.

Confidential files are shared outside the team

If a team member accidentally shares confidential files or folders, you can log in as a user to see their folder structure and files, and gain an understanding on how it happened.

Stop a problem before it grows

Something not seem right with a team member’s Dropbox account? If someone’s suspected of being up to something malicious, you can log in and see what’s up before the problem escalates.

Common questions

Have a question about common user problems? Or want to learn about more tools you can use to help support your team? We’ve likely got an answer. If you have a question that’s not listed here, check out our help center for more answers.

Virtual instructor-led training sounds great. How do I sign up?

Simply visit the live training homepage to see courses and times available.

How do I help a user connect or disconnect their personal account from a Dropbox team account?

Individual team members can do this on their own. Simply instruct them to log in to, click their avatar, and then click Settings.

Why can’t I share a folder or join someone else’s shared folder?

There can be several reasons why you might have issues sharing a folder or joining a shared folder. These include low storage space, or log in issues.

This help article has a good overview of both the causes and fixes.