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How do I set team-wide sharing permissions?

Customizing your team’s permissions is a great way to make the most of your Dropbox business account. Scroll down to learn more.

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Customize for your team

Team sharing permissions

Setting team-wide sharing permissions is key to any admin’s job. These permissions can apply to shared links, shared folders, and Paper docs. Whether you want users to be able to share files and folders externally or keep everything within the company, you’ve got the power to make that call.

It’s important to understand how your team operates before you set those permissions. Do they send content back and forth for reviews with clients? If yes, limiting their ability to share externally might slow everyone down.

One helpful tip: permissions aren’t retroactive! If you change sharing permissions to limit external sharing, files, folders, and links previously shared with people outside the company will stay that way.

Team sharing permissions - team admin

Shared folder permissions

Shared folders are great for groups of people who work and collaborate on the same files. If a user owns a shared folder, then they can change permissions, which gives users a lot of flexibility in how they work. Keep in mind that any user can own a shared folder and set permissions for it—this isn’t just for admins.

If you own the shared folder - Shared folder permissions

If you own the shared folder

If you create a shared folder, that means you’re the owner (unless it was created in a team folder). Owners can:

  • View folder content
  • View the members of the shared folders and their roles
  • Invite, remove, and email members
  • Change member roles
  • Leave or unshare the folder
  • Determine who can be invited and who can manage the folder
  • Make another member the owner
If you're an editor - Shared folder permissions

If you’re an editor

By default, members of a shared folder have edit permissions. Editors can:

  • View folder content
  • View the members of the shared folders and their roles
  • Invite and remove members (except the owner)
  • Leave the folder
  • Email members
  • Edit folder contents
  • Change member roles
If you're a viewer - Shared folder permissions

If you’re a viewer

Viewers can:

  • View folder contents
  • View the members of the shared folder and their roles
  • Leave the folder
  • Email members

If you have view-only permissions, you’ll see a small lock icon on the shared folder.

Shared link permissions

If you want to share access to a file but don’t want someone to edit that file, you can share a link.

As an admin, you can control how your team members share links with people outside of your team from the admin console. Take a look at the different permissions below.

Team only, new links

If you choose to make shared links Team only, your team members who create links won’t have the option to make those links accessible to non-team members.

Team only, existing links

If you choose to make shared links Team only, that setting will apply retroactively. Any existing shared links will no longer be accessible to non-team members.

Setting team-wide sharing permissions

Customize your company’s Dropbox experience by setting specific sharing permissions.

Common questions

Got a question about team-wide permissions? We’ve likely got an answer. If you have a question that’s not listed here, check out for more answers.

My shared link stopped working! Why?

If a shared link stops working, there can be a few different reasons why. Check to see whether the link was disabled or expired. An admin may have also changed sharing settings for the team, so it may be worth checking with them.

Why did my shared folder stop syncing?

It’s possible that the folder isn’t actively shared between collaborators. Log in to and select the Shared tab. If the folder says Not added, it means you haven’t yet added it to your Dropbox. Just select Add and it should sync back to your Dropbox.

Does joining a shared folder count against my storage space?

Yes, unless all members of the folder are part of the same Dropbox business team account. If that’s the case, the shared folder will only be counted against the team’s shared storage space once.

Adjust shared link permissions

Make sure your team is sharing links with all the correct permissions in place.

Your trusty admin console - Adjust shared link permissions

Your trusty admin console

First thing’s first: go to your admin console, select Settings, and scroll down to Content. Then, select Sharing.