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Should I link my personal account?

After you set up your Dropbox Business account and return to, you’ll be asked if you’d like to connect your personal Dropbox account. Wondering if you should? It’s a great way to keep your stuff separate but conveniently accessible across your different devices without having to sign in and out of multiple accounts.

Together, but separate

Keeping your personal and work stuff separate is important, so Dropbox makes sure nothing overlaps—while making it as easy as possible to access both when you need to.



Though it’s not required, linking your two accounts makes accessing all your stuff convenient. You can easily get to your work or personal files from all the devices you've added to your account, and you don’t need to worry about signing in and out multiple times.


Link where you want

If you choose to link your accounts, you can do so through the web, from the Dropbox icon in your taskbar or menu bar, on any of your mobile devices, or through a combination of those options. You can access both accounts from any of those methods, too! Here’s one note if you choose to link your personal account through the desktop app: you may want to check your team’s IT policy as any files that are local in your personal account on your desktop are also local in your hard drive.

How to link a personal account from the Dropbox website

Linking a personal account after installing the desktop app

Once your Dropbox Business account is set up, connecting a personal Dropbox account doesn’t take much time. All you have to do is access your account settings and follow the steps to link an account.

Once your accounts are linked, you can switch between them on, the desktop app, and the mobile app. 

Sign in on a new computer as a new user

If you’re installing Dropbox on a new computer and you’re a new user, you need to sign in to both accounts to link them together. Choose either to sign in to your personal or Business account to start, then add the other. In this example, this user is logging in to their Business account first.

Link a personal account on an existing computer

If you’re already using a Dropbox account on your computer, you just need to sign in to your second account from the Dropbox icon in your task bar or menu bar. Click on your avatar, then navigate to Preferences. From there, select the Account tab and choose Link personal account  or Link team account.

But what if I have limited hard drive space on my computer?

Hard drive space is precious on your work computer. When your team starts working together in Dropbox, your need for space grows, and that’s where Smart Sync comes in.

Smart Sync

Did you know that you can access anything created or shared with you in Dropbox from your desktop without taking up tons of space on your hard drive?


What’s Smart Sync?

Smart Sync is a feature that saves space on your hard drive by allowing you to access all your content from your computer, while using virtually no hard drive space. You choose what files and folders are stored on your device or online-only, knowing all your content is always just a click away.