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Dropbox Backup (demo)

Dropbox Backup allows you to securely back up your files and folders, and you don't even need a Dropbox account to do so. Learn how to get automatic, always-on backups from your computer and easily manage them in one environment.

External hard drive and computer backup

Dropbox Backup. This one is actually like a stand-alone product as well from Dropbox.

So even if the person doesn't have a Dropbox account, they can use it. Let's say a situation where the person was using their computer, right, drinking their coffee, and then spilled the coffee inside their laptop, right? When that happened, all the content inside the laptop is gone, right? To avoid that kind of situation, if you have the Dropbox Backup, you can have, like, all your data backed up inside your Dropbox Backup account.

And then, by doing so, all of your default folders, meaning the desktop folder, the documents, or image folder that you might have on your computer, are going to be backed up inside the Dropbox Backup account. Just keep in mind, this is not going to do a backup from your Dropbox folder that's linked to your Dropbox account. It's mainly for the backup purpose from your computer, for the entire folders that you have, the system folders that you have inside your computer.

So if you have your Dropbox account and then you click on your referral icon, you should be able to see Dropbox Backup popping up here, right? And once you click on here, you'll be able to, if you're new to it, it's going to have an introduction screen popping up. But if you move forward, you'll be able to link your device to your Dropbox Backup. And once you do that, it's really easy. You just need to specify which folder you want to link to the Dropbox Backup, and then it's going to start doing the backup automatically.

You can see here populating already when was the last backup done, right? And then the status of it as well, like if the backup is done or not, and how much is the size of the backup showing up, right? So if I click on it to have more details, remember that I told you guys that it's going to do the backup only from your system folder. So it's mainly for your backup purpose, as I said. So if you would like to rewind this folder as well, rewind the content from the states that you have, you can do it from the Dropbox Backup. You can also copy the backups to your Dropbox storage that you might have, so you can do, like, copy everything that you have here in your Dropbox account if you wish to do so.

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