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Where and how do I save my stuff?

Where and how do I save my stuff?

Dropbox is a great place to safely share and store your stuff, whether you’re using the desktop app,, or the mobile app.

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You can use Dropbox to organize and update your stuff

Dropbox has the tools to help you organize and seamlessly update all your stuff.

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You can easily save and sync your files to Dropbox using all your devices.

Watch our quick video tutorial to help with uploading and downloading files.

Saving files on

One of the easiest ways to upload files to Dropbox is with the Dropbox website. Simply sign in to, and then drag-and-drop files from your computer. Or, if you prefer, you can select “Upload files” to choose a file. Note that there’s a 50 GB file size limit when uploading through the website. If you have a bigger file, use the Dropbox desktop app instead.

Working offline

On a flight? Or maybe your internet is down? Don’t worry, any edits you make to a file will automatically sync to Dropbox the next time you're back online. You can also make files available or folders available for offline viewing on your mobile device. Dropbox lets you work anywhere, anytime, without missing a beat.

Common questions

Got a question about saving and storing your stuff? We’ve likely got an answer. If you have a question that’s not listed here, check out for more answers.

How do I know my stuff is in a place my team can use?

Team members can access any online content that has been shared with them. If you make changes to a file that you marked local while offline, it’ll sync when you’re back online.

Uploading and syncing your own files

Learn how to upload and sync your files to your Dropbox account.

Upload a file on - Where and how do I save my stuff?

Upload a file on

To upload a file on the web, simply select the Upload files button. Then, choose the file you want to upload. Once the green check mark appears, you’ll be able to see the file on your computer or mobile device.