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Life of an admin at a small business

The team at a small engineering firm has just started using Dropbox Business, and they’re hoping it’ll be an easy transition from their old system.

Meet the team

Leslie and her team work at a small engineering design firm that specializes in environmentally-friendly, green design. The company recently joined Dropbox Business, and they’re excited to get to work.


Meet Leslie

As the IT admin, Leslie is responsible for the rollout of Dropbox Business for her team. Leslie has never used Dropbox before, but she needs to be the point of contact for her team if they have any questions.

Inviting the team to Dropbox

Watch as Leslie invites her team members to join the Dropbox Business account. Looking for other ways to add members to your team? Try these:

No matter which option you choose, Dropbox makes it easy to communicate with your team with these great email templates. Just copy, paste, and send!

Managing Dropbox Business members

Watch as Leslie manages Dropbox Business members using Active Directory.

Learn more about using and configuring Dropbox with Active Directory.

Everything you need is within reach

As the IT admin, Leslie usually has a hectic job. She manages a lot throughout the office, but with the easy-to-use Dropbox Business interface and quick setup, everything Leslie needs is in one place.