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Admin for small businesses

Dropbox Business admin features increase visibility and centralize control over all your organization's data. With smaller businesses, there’s typically only one admin to get the job done.

What can a team admin do?

Small businesses typically only have one team admin to perform all of the usual admin tasks. However, as your company grows, Dropbox is ready to help you delegate tasks to fellow team members with additional admin roles.


Configure team-wide settings

Team admins can configure team-wide settings, like security and sharing permissions. They’re in charge of determining if team members can share externally or if shared links should be public by default.

The Content tab

The Content tab is where you can view, audit, create, and manage access to team content. It provides you with a hierarchical view of all team content. From here, you can also look at any team members’ own folders and any folders that you may not have access to as a non-admin Dropbox user.

By selecting Manage on any folder, admins can control who can access content and their permissions, and choose folder settings.


Track your team’s activity

Activity logs are available in the admin console for certain admin roles of Dropbox Business teams. A team admin can see the team’s full activity, while other admins can only track the activity of a selected user.

Admins usually want to see their team’s activity to troubleshoot a problem or understand what happened and when. If a team member accidentally deleted a file, the admin can track the team’s activity to see when that happened and work to restore the file.


What is the Activity tab?

The Activity tab is the place where you can see a record of the actions taken by your team. It helps admins see how often their team uses Dropbox Business, who’s using it, and for what. Admins can also use the Activity tab to investigate and fix minor issues like accidental file deletions.

When should you ask for help?

As the team admin, you’re the first point of contact for your team. But what happens when you need help?

Dropbox has plenty of resources to help you find the answers you need. You can visit our Help Center or community forums if you’re stuck, or check the other learning resources from Dropbox for answers.

You can find all of the help options available to you—and see how to contact us—in the Help tab of the admin console.

Personal accounts stay personal

If any of your team members have linked their personal and work accounts, you won’t be able to see files or folders in their personal accounts, even though you’re the team admin.

So, if your team comes to you wondering if you’ve seen their personal accounts, you can reassure them you only have visibility and control over Dropbox Business accounts.