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How do I use Paper?

How do I use Paper?

Looking for a way to seamlessly collaborate with others? Create documents, tables, and more in one place with Paper.

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Docs made better

Collaborating on projects has moved beyond sharing hand-written notes and sending files back and forth. With Paper, everyone can collaborate in one place.

Paper is perfect for getting ideas out there. It’s collaboration without the headache.

Stay on top of it all

Paper is more than just a docs app. It’s a collaborative tool that makes the way you work and collaborate a more exciting and efficient process.

Never worry about version control

When you work together on a project with several people, sometimes you encounter the dreaded version control issue. Not with Paper. Everyone works from a shared, up-to-date document. You can also track and rollback changes using Paper’s doc history feature.

Comment, tag, reply, resolve

Paper lets you collaborate directly in the document, making it easy to give and receive feedback without disrupting anyone’s flow. You can add a comment by highlighting any text and selecting the comment icon (which is a speech bubble).

From your comment, you can tag someone by typing @ followed by their name, reply, and resolve completed comments.

Check it off your list

Make a to-do list and tag whoever needs to complete each item right in your doc. From the toolbar, click the checkbox and start typing your list. You can @ mention someone to assign out each task and even add a due date.

More than a notepad

Sure, it’s called Paper, but it’s more than just a place to scribble down notes. It’s a tool you can use for anything. Add images, audio clips, video, code blocks, and more.

Say it with a sticker

Sometimes an emoji is the perfect way get your point across. Respond to comments in Paper with emojis and stickers.

Paper works for you

Reduce your administrative work and get right to the creativity by using Paper templates. When you use a Paper template, the structure is created for you. You can focus on the content rather than the work about work.



Take the work of setting up a document and get right to the good stuff with a brainstorm template. This template features a section where users can share inspiration, which can include images and media, and a section for ideas. At the bottom, a “Next steps checklist” has been started for you and your team.

Using Dropbox Paper

Don’t let administrative tasks and formatting stop your creative flow. See how Paper can make working together easier and more streamlined.

Common questions

Still have questions about Paper? Maybe it’s one of these. If you have a question that’s not listed here, check out the help center for more answers.

How does Paper integrate with Dropbox?

You need a Dropbox account to access Paper, but it is separate from your Dropbox. All Dropbox user have access to Paper.

How can I format my text in Paper?

Highlight the text you want to format and a toolbar will appear. You can also access a hotkey drawer of Keyboard Shortcuts. Just hit the “Ctrl” and “/” keys to reveal it.

How do I organize content in Paper?

You can create folders for your Paper docs, just like you can in your Dropbox. And, depending on your version of Paper, you can also store Paper docs directly in Dropbox folders.

Using Paper to stay organized

Imagine you’ve got a brand new project kicking off, and your team is ready to hold their first meeting. Get started with a Paper template, and don’t waste time formatting another new document.


Open a new template

Open your Paper docs and choose "Create with template" in the right sidebar. Or, go to if you don't see that option.