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How can I get help?

How can I get help?

Sometimes we just need a little help. With Dropbox, there are lots of ways for you to get the support you need.

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Help is out there

Whether you’re new to Dropbox, we all need a little help sometimes. Before you contact Dropbox Support, know that the answer to your question might just be a click away!

A little help here!

Before you go to Dropbox Support, you should check out the Dropbox help center and the community forums. A lot of times, you’ll find that your question or problem has already been answered by someone who has had the same question. Other than this training, the Dropbox help center and the community forums are two of the best ways to help you make the most of your Dropbox experience.

Layers of help

When you have a question, or an unexpected problem interrupts your work, we want you to know we’ve got your back.

Step one

The first thing to do when you encounter a problem is search for the answer. More often than not, the answer is already out there.

Power in community

Community is powerful, which is why the community forum can sometimes help you in ways other resources can’t. The community forums can help you find answers that are more specific to your exact Dropbox usage.

Our community forums are monitored by the Dropbox support team, but also allow other “super users” to troubleshoot or help answer a difficult question by offering a different perspective. Say you have trouble structuring your shared folders. You may find a super user with expertise in setting up shared folders, based on their own experience.

The community forum allows you to find answers, share ideas, and talk with other Dropbox users. When everyone puts their heads together, the answer is simple.

A little bird told us

While the forums and the Help Center are a great place to find answers, Twitter is another great resource that keeps users updated on service disruptions, news, and direct support.

A little bird told us - How can I get help?

Common questions

Got a question about how to get help? We’ve likely got an answer. If you’ve got a question that’s not listed here, check out for more answers.

Is Dropbox Support a 24/7 support service?

Not necessarily. But you can access the community forum, help center, Dropbox Support site, and this training site for help at any time.

How do I search the community forum? There’s a lot there already!

Use the search bar or look through different categories by selecting “Find answers” near the top of the screen.

I’m tired of screens. What if I just want to talk to a human being?

If all else fails, reach out to the Dropbox Support team. With all these available options, we’ll get you back on track one way or another.

Note: Support varies by Dropbox plan.

Using the Help Center

Whether you’re new to Dropbox or not, using the help center to find an answer is easy.


Help Center

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