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Tour the admin console

If you’re a Dropbox business admin, you’ve got access to a one-stop to manage your team with the admin console. You can get an overview of all your team members and folders. The admin console is also where you can control different settings for your team, including account and device settings. Learn how to access the admin console and its features in this helpful video.

How to access the admin console and view team activity

Dropbox business teams are coordinated by one or more people designated as admins. If you're an admin, you'll do most of your work in the admin console. To get started, sign into with an admin account and click Admin Console.

Once you're in Click Insights. Here you'll see an overview of key insights on your team's activity.

Want an overview of the members on your team. Click members. From here, you can manage everybody on your team. You can edit settings for specific members by clicking the three dots next to their name.

If you want to see what everybody on your team is up to, click activity.

You can set up team folders from the Admin console. Just click content. You'll also manage all of your team's folders from here.

Click groups to create or manage lists of people who should have access to the same files and folders.

As an admin, you can control a lot of settings for your entire team. You can find those in settings. There are plenty of different settings to choose from, including account authentication and devices. Take a look around and see what you can adjust.

The admin console is also where you can reach out for help. Just click help to find Dropbox support, contact information.

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