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How project leaders use Dropbox

The team at a big marketing firm has just started using Dropbox Business, and they’re hoping it’ll help them stay organized and collaborate both internally and with their newest client.

Meet the team

This marketing team is known for creating innovative print and media ads for high-profile clients.


Meet Lucy

As the team leader, Lucy is responsible for keeping everyone on schedule and tracking tons of moving parts, from conceptual ideas to production. She’s most excited to use Dropbox Business as a central location for all of her team’s work.

Using Dropbox Business for better organization

Click play to watch as project leader Lucy manages an influx of new material from her team using a file request

Then, learn more about Dropbox file requests.

Creativity follows no schedule

Click play to see how the team manages collaboration on deliverables by using shared folders and shared links.

Then, learn more about Dropbox shared folders and shared links.

Collaborating with anyone, any time

Click play to see how the team and Casey use Paper and comments in file preview to stay on the same page when providing and discussing feedback.

Then, learn more about Dropbox Paper.

Keeping a team in sync

For teams that are always on the move, like Lucy’s, Dropbox Business keeps them all in sync no matter where they are.

If Eric gets a brilliant idea on his morning commute, he can sketch it out, take a photo of it with the Dropbox doc scanner on his phone, and upload the sketch to Dropbox to share with his teammates for feedback and comments. By the time he arrives at the office, everyone’s seen his idea and agrees: it’s a great one.

Even if you’re not in marketing, these features can be applied to almost anyone, anywhere. How do you see your own organization using Dropbox Business?