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How designers and creators use Dropbox

How designers and creators use Dropbox

Designers and creators are always moving, whether they’re working through the creative process at their desk, out looking for inspiration, or visiting clients and collaborators. A Dropbox team account can help make all of those tasks move smoothly.

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Meet the creatives

At a large animation firm, the day-to-day work can get a little hectic, but Carlos and his team are ready to tackle whatever the day brings.

Meet Carlos - How designers and creators use Dropbox

Meet Carlos

As a stop-motion animator with years of experience and a hefty portfolio, Carlos loves to collaborate with the rest of his team on big projects but also values his quiet time to really focus on storytelling and bringing characters to life. That heads-down time is invaluable and often hard to come by.

Work anywhere, on any device

Watch Carlos use Dropbox to capture the moment when inspiration strikes.

Keep track of who's where

As Carlos works on a character design in Dropbox Paper, he can see Amy, another animator, open the doc and start reviewing his work.

He can even @mention Amy to get her to look at a specific section he’s stuck on.

Sharing notes and collaborating on projects

Sharing notes and collaborating on projects has moved beyond sharing handwritten notes and sending files back and forth in email. With Dropbox Paper, teams can collaborate in one place, whether it’s on a deliverable or on quick scratch docs, perfect for bringing those brilliant ideas to life.

Collaboration continues no matter your tool

Depending on the project, Carlos might find himself working in other tools, like Google Docs or PowerPoint. But with Dropbox, he doesn’t need to worry about juggling multiple links and clicking between apps. He can store G Suite and Microsoft Office files all in his Dropbox from both the Dropbox desktop app and

And if there are other websites or web-based productivity tools he’s using, like if he’s prototyping in Figma, he can link to them directly in his Dropbox folder using Shortcuts.

Everything lives in one central place.

Collaboration continues no matter your tool - How designers and creators use Dropbox

Stay creative

For teams that are always on the move and bouncing ideas off each other, Dropbox team accounts keep them all in sync and doesn’t interrupt their creativity.

If Carlos is stuck on a character design and needs to take a walk around the block, he can record all of his brilliant ideas and save them in the same place. His creativity shouldn’t be hampered by technology—it should allow him to dive deep into the creative process no matter where he is. By the time Carlos gets back in the office, he pulls up his notes and pictures and shows the team. They dive right back into creating.

Even if you’re not in animation production, these features can be applied to almost anyone, anywhere. How do you see your own organization using a Dropbox team account?