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Team Member Welcome Video

Team Member Welcome Video

Hello. You made it. Welcome to Dropbox.

By now, you should have received an email invite to join your Dropbox team. Click join and follow the prompts to sign up. This would be a good time to download the Dropbox desktop and mobile apps too.

Now it's time to put Dropbox to work.

This is the main file menu. Adding a new file or folder is as easy as clicking and dragging it from your desktop, or by tapping plus and upload file from the mobile app.

Now to share some work with your team. Just right-click the file and click share. Type the email or name of the people you'd like to share with and done. Users can also create automated folders which sorts files in a variety of ways for your convenience. To set one up, go to, click organize and add automation before setting your parameters. It could be sort by category or automatically tag. Unzip files. You get the drill.

Oh yeah. All your Dropbox files are stored online in the cloud by default, but you can make files available offline too. Any updates you make will be automatically updated once you're back online.

Of course, there's loads more features your IT or Dropbox admin can show you, but plenty of time for that. For now, we've got teamwork to do.

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