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Creating a shared folder inside of a team folder

Team folders take sharing to a whole new level with Dropbox business. Easily share individual files or folders inside a team folder with other groups for efficient collaboration. Learn how to share subfolders from within a team folder in this video.

Create and share team subfolders

Dropbox Business members can share sub-folders with others, but only if they’re within team folders. Team folders are different than shared folders in that they’re created and owned by team admins. Dropbox Basic and Dropbox Plus users cannot share folders within other shared folders, which is why we recommend setting sharing permissions at the sub-folder level.

Inside this private folder titled “New Client Onboarding Plan,” you’ll see two sub-folders, one titled “Budgets” and one titled “Wireframes.” Both of those sub-folders need to be accessed by other team members.

There’s no need to move the sub-folders. Instead, share Budgets with the groups or users who need it. Then, separately share "Wireframes" with the groups or users who need it. Now everyone has access to what they need, and New Client Onboarding Plan stays private.

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