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Sharing Permissions

When you share files or folders using Dropbox, it's important to make sure that you're sharing the right content with the right people. Explore how sharing permissions enable you to control access to content, which is esential when sharing with people outside of your team.

How to set sharing permissions

Sharing and collaborating in Dropbox is obviously where we shine. But when we share something outside of our org or inside of our org, there are a couple of permissions that we can put on that document, file, or folder when sharing to make sure that it's shared with the correct people, and that the correct people have the permissions that we want. To do this, simply share, find a file or folder that we want to share outside of our organization, and select it.

We can click on the ellipses here and go to share. Or if we select it again at the top right, we're going to be able to share outside of our org or inside of our org.

Now, by default, we're going to ask you, do we share this with an email, a name, or a group? When I type in here, it's going to search my entire org. I can share with anyone in my organization or outside of my organization. Notice it says, by default, that some people outside of your team, and that's okay if we want to share externally, but we do give people the warning if that's happening.

Or I can create a link, copy it, and then I can go to settings and change the link permissions. So I can say anyone on my team has access to this, or anyone with a link. That's an anonymous link if I want to share it with anyone outside of my org. Or I can narrow it down to people with a password. So only people with the password that I set here are going to be able to access this file via this link, or I can change it to only people invited. So that was the previous window there when we invite people to see it. They're the only people that can see it within my org.

I can also add an expiration date. So only people invited can see this until the end of a month from now, according to this. And then I can also say, hey, who needs to maybe view this, make comments on it but not necessarily edit or download it? I can disable downloads also. When I create that link, I can simply copy it and then send it to anyone I see fit after this. So, you know, email, Slack, whatever it is, I can send that link directly, and those permissions are going to be inherent.

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