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Dropbox Legal Holds - how to remove members

By placing a legal hold on a Dropbox team member, Dropbox admins have the ability to access all the content that has been created or modified by that individual. Learn how admins can remove legal holds via the admin console and remove all files associated with that hold.

How to remove members from legal holds

So what we're going to be showing here is how to remove a member of an existing legal hold. In order to do this, we will go into the admin console, navigate to data governance, and then access legal holds.

Once I've selected my hold, which currently contains three held members, and I want to remove one specific member, all I need to do is edit the hold. I'll click on "continue," and then I simply remove the member from the hold, followed by clicking "continue" again. After making these changes, I will save, and the hold will be updated. Now, it will show that the hold only includes these two members after the removal of the specified member. This demonstrates how these two members are the only ones remaining in the hold.

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