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Keep your files safe with Dropbox

Rest easy knowing how quick it is to restore deleted files and revert to a previous document version with Dropbox. This video will cover the basics of file restorations, version history, and will introduce you to Dropbox Rewind.

Recover deleted files and previous document versions

File security in Dropbox not only keeps your work and other files safe but also lets you restore and recover work that might have been lost. Let's say you accidentally deleted an important file and want to retrieve it.

Just head to, select 'Deleted Files' on the left sidebar, and find the name of the deleted file or folder you want to recover. Click the checkbox icon and select 'Restore.'

Now, let's assume you have a file you want to restore to a previous version. Click 'All Files' on the left sidebar, find the name of the file you want, and select 'More' on the right side. Choose 'Version History,' find the version you want to restore, and click the 'Restore' button. Select 'Restore' to replace the current file with the version you want.

If you deleted a shared folder from your Dropbox account, you can also restore it to regain access. Head back to the Dropbox homepage, select 'Shared' in the left sidebar, and click on the 'Files' or 'Folders' tab at the top of the page. Locate the deleted file or folder and select 'Add' on the right side of the file.

Now, you're back up to speed with access to the files you need. Everybody makes mistakes, but if something more significant happens that might affect a large amount of data, Dropbox Rewind can help recover it. You can find more information about this and other features at

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