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Dropbox Ransomware Responding to any attack (demo)

Dropbox automatically detects unusual activity within your Dropbox team. Admins can manage ransomware alert policies, respond to attacks, and recover content via the admin console. Explore more in our helpful video.

How to view ransomware alerts and respond to potential threats

We're discussing monitoring and detection in this enhanced feature.

With this enhanced feature related to monitoring and detection, Dropbox will automatically detect any unusual behavior within your account. If ransomware is detected within your Dropbox environment, it will send you an alert as an administrator and inform you about the potentially affected users. This enables you to take the necessary actions accordingly.

This feature is available to Dropbox Advanced and Enterprise accounts. As an administrator, you can access the admin console and navigate to alert policies. Here, you'll find an option called "Ransomware Suspected Threat Policy." You can enable or disable this policy as needed. Once enabled, this alert policy will apply to your entire team.

When there are alerts related to suspected ransomware from your team, you can view them under the "Alerts" tab. Clicking on a ransomware suspected alert will provide you with detailed information about what occurred, the severity, category, detection time, and the members potentially affected by it. You can also see how many files were impacted.

It's essential to confirm if it's indeed a ransomware attack, as sometimes it could be a false alert. Once confirmed, you can take action as an administrator. This typically involves suspending the affected member to prevent further harm to your files. If any files were encrypted by ransomware, you can initiate the process to recover their content. Dropbox's version history can help you recover content from a point before the ransomware attack occurred.

If the situation is complex or involves many affected files, contacting Dropbox support is a viable option. They can provide assistance in recovering content that may have been affected by ransomware.

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