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The New Dropbox Plans: Streamline and organize your work

Dropbox can help empower professionals to work faster and more efficiently. Get an overview of how to use the new Dropbox plans to streamline your processes such as editing, sending, tracking, and signing documents all within a few clicks. You can even edit PDFs without having to leave Dropbox.

Work more efficiently with Dropbox

Hi there. I'm Calvin, Imagine that I'm a property manager at a real estate company. I'm looking for more ways to make my work more efficient.

I'm here to show you how Dropbox can empower professionals like me to work faster, use fewer apps, and work on the go. Dropbox does more than store, it empowers you to put the content you store to work. Let's dive right in. So I have this lease agreement that I need to edit, send, track and sign all within a few clicks.

With Dropbox editing PDFs is a breeze. I can do this all without leaving Dropbox. I can make changes effortlessly and ensure that all details are accurate. Next, I'll send the agreement to my client.

And guess what? Dropbox lets me track the engagement lets me know when they viewed it, and I can also see what content they're spending their time on. So my client sent the agreement fairly quickly. And it has their signature.

I can review it, add my signature, and we're good to go. Saving it to Dropbox is the icing on the cake. All my important documents are secured in one place. Dropbox even keeps them perfectly organized and in the exact folder I designated. As you can see with Dropbox, I can perform all these actions together seamlessly, making my work life easier, and more efficient. So if you wanna securely work faster, use fewer apps, and do more all in one tool, it's here in the new Dropbox plans.

Give it a try and experience a difference.

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