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Securing email attachements with Dropbox and mxHERO

mxHero replaces email attachments with a Dropbox link to reduce the risk of malware attacks. Learn how to attach, view, and share files with mxHero.

Email content management: mxHero and Dropbox integration

MX Hero replaces any email attachments with an access link to your Dropbox account. This easily allows you to track, control, and modify attachments even after the original message has been sent. To begin, start to create your email. Add in any attachments via the option window. Once uploaded, complete your messaging and send your email. For delivery confirmation, please verify that the email has been successfully sent. The recipient will be notified via their inbox.

The attachment is now replaced in the form of a Dropbox link. This link takes advantage of Dropbox's preview function and allows the attachment to be viewed without the need for downloading. The end user does not need a Dropbox account to take advantage of this feature.

Files that are sent are automatically uploaded to your Dropbox account. The base folder structures are customizable when setting up the MX Hero integration with Dropbox. The recipient's email address automatically creates a unique folder that contains individual folders for any attachments. If the attachments need to be updated or changed, these modifications are easily done from within your Dropbox account. The recipient can still access the files on the original link without the need for a new email to be sent.

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