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Merging Dropbox teams

If you're a Dropbox admin and you have multiple, separate Dropbox business teams, you can easily merge them into one account. When you merge two team accounts, all members and content from a secondary Dropbox team are imported into a primary Dropbox team. Follow this step-by-step guide to see how to merge Dropbox team accounts.

Merging teams in the admin console

As an admin, you need to agree to merging teams before you make the change.

Your team will take on the role of the primary team.

You’ll merge with the other team, who we’ll refer to as the child team.

By the way, you also need the admin on the child team to agree to this.

Do you both agree? Great!

Contact Dropbox Support through your admin console to request the merge, and ask the child team admin to do the same.

Once our Support team verifies the merge request with both teams, then the merge can occur.

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