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Dropbox Replay

With Dropbox Replay, managing and sharing video content is made easy by streamlining the review and approval process for video, image, and audio projects. Learn how to collaborate and feedback with frame-accurate time-stamp comments and video markup features.

What is Dropbox Replay?

Hello, I'm Jay, a product designer, and I'm part of the team that's building Dropbox Replay. It's a better way for teams working on video together to collaborate. I'm going to show you a quick demo of our product.

You can upload any video that you're ready to share with your team. If you're already using Dropbox to store and share videos, you can add any of those videos to Replay, and they'll show up almost instantly.

Next, you can invite your creative collaborators or your clients to Replay. All you have to do is create a shared link, copy it, and send it off to a teammate. Regardless of whether or not they have a Dropbox account, they'll be able to watch the video and give you their feedback.

You and your team have fine-grained control over video playback that includes the video quality, and it also includes frame by frame controls. All these controls are mapped to your keyboard, so you can control playback that way as well.

Replay has timestamp comments that are frame-accurate. These make it easy for collaborators to share feedback on specific moments in the video. As you're working on this video, you can also draw on the video, making it even easier to convey your thoughts with precision. All of these comments are threaded, allowing your team to have conversations right here in Replay. Teams can also use comment resolution to track progress and ensure that all feedback is accounted for. Video editors can turn a comment into a completed to-do just by checking a box.

Replay also simplifies working through complicated video projects with multiple rounds of revisions. Once you've accounted for great feedback, you can upload a new version of the video, and Replay keeps these versions organized in one place for you. It ensures that your teammates can see the latest and greatest. You can also track the status of any videos you're working on in Replay.

On the overview page, it's easy to tell which video projects are at what stage of completion. Lastly, Replay serves as a virtual screening room where you can collaborate with others in real-time using live review sessions. These are watch parties for work. When collaborators join in on a live review session together, our video playback syncs up across all devices, ensuring everyone sees the same thing at high quality, no matter where they are in the world. Features like cursor co-presence and real-time drawing enhance the sharing of feedback and brainstorming. These live review capabilities complement whatever other communication tools you're using, from Slack to Zoom.

That was Dropbox Replay. Thanks so much for watching.

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