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Easily control access within your team's shared workspace

The Dropbox team workspace is an area for your team to organize content and collaborate more easily. In the team space, you can manage and restrict access to shared content. You can simply choose to share a folder with specific team members or groups if you need to. Watch our quick video to learn how to create shared folders and restrict access in your team space.

Create and manage shared folders

With Dropbox Business, your team can organize, share, and collaborate on files in one central place—your team’s shared workspace. It’s easy to create folders and control access, so you can keep your team’s content secure.

For example, everyone on Alex’s team has access to Marketing and Sales folders. But only Alex and Susan have access to the HR folder. If Alex wants to share something inside the HR folder with an external party, he can choose to share a subfolder and restrict access so only the external party and not Susan can access it.

And if Alex often shares folders with the same team members, he can create ‘Groups’ for these team members for quick and easy sharing.

With Dropbox Business, feel safe and secure while sharing content within your team's shared workspace.

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