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Enhance collaboration with comments in Dropbox. Learn how to easily add and resolve comments on text and images without downloading the files.

How to comment on Dropbox files

One of the main collaboration features in Dropbox is the commenting part. It comes hand in hand with the previewing part that you saw already in another video. So once I open a preview of any file, for example, this contributor release form, I will be able to see it and comment on it. This is really useful in the case of external and internal collaboration, both. Whether I want to review and comment on changes that need to be made or really work with an external third party that is working with me in the elaboration of this document. This is the best way to actually work on a document without the need of downloading the document and opening it directly on my computer. And this enables so many other use cases where people are working on the go, for example.

So, how to actually comment? Very, very simple. You come and see the file here in the middle, you can comment here on the right. So, really, you can comment on the whole document by entering your comment there, or you can choose to be more specific and actually highlight maybe a text that you want to comment on and click on comments. You can then say, "Please change the wording here."

What I can do as well is leave it at that and mention someone so that person receives a notification. So if I just type "@" then I will be able to choose Tony. The other way to mention someone is simply by clicking on the "@" sign right here, which will allow you to mention someone as well. I post, and this is it. My job is done. Very, very easy. I can do it on mobile and on the web the same way.

What I can do as well is maybe not highlight a text but highlight an area. And this will be very, very useful for images, in the case of Photoshop files, and in the case of so many different file formats. For that, I will just simply highlight the area that I want to comment on and do the exact same exercise over and over again. So here, "Please modify this," and I can post.

Once we're done, we can have replies to it where we can just say, "Okay, this seems good to me." So, "Alright, good," and resolve it to remove it. What is quite nice is whether I choose text or an area, when I go back to this specific comment here, I will be able to see the area I commented on. So for example, here, I will do it again. Right now, I don't see anything, and when I go on the page, on the page one, right there on my comments, I will see "program" in the middle highlighted in yellow.

You can imagine the same thing is available for any file format that I have in my Dropbox, but also for videos. And for videos, it will look a little bit different. So let's go on a video here. Let's say that I'm working with my third-party production company, and they actually brought this video back and shared it with me. And I need to give my feedback on it. So, really, I can read the video, go to a specific part here, for example, go all the way right here at twenty-seven seconds and see something that I don't like.

So between the twenty-sixth and the twenty-second, the transition is not something that I like. So I can simply bring it back right here to see that area. And when I comment, it will comment on the exact second that I have on the video here. So really, "Please change the transition," and mention Tony. What is quite nice is not only can I see zero, which is the minutes, twenty-six, which is the seconds, but I also see eleven here. So what is that eleven? This eleven here is the frame. And this is what is enabled through our frame-accurate commenting feature that is available with the creative tools add-on.

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