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Dropbox Ransomware How to activate protection

Dropbox's ransomware protection features provides early detection and notifications to prevent the spread of malicious attacks. Learn how admins can manage ransomware notifications and fine-tune alert policies.

Ransomware detection and alerts

In today's video, I will take you through a new addition to our security alert policies within the Dropbox admin console, which is ransomware monitoring and detection.

Ransomware detection is an enterprise-grade threat mitigation that enables your business to keep running by alerting admins early of suspicious activity to ensure that malicious attacks do not continue to spread.

Now, let's navigate to the admin console to explore the details of this alert.

To find the ransomware alert, go to the "Security" section and click on "Alert Policies." Here, you can edit specific details related to this alert.

By default, this feature is turned on. You also have the option to exclude certain file extensions from being monitored. In the notification section, you can specify who will be alerted about this suspicious activity, whether it's via email or through the Dropbox client notification.

Once an admin receives this alert, they will be guided to the security console and provided with detailed instructions on how to block access to Dropbox and recover content quickly and easily.

In summary, ransomware monitoring and detection is a straightforward, out-of-the-box solution that doesn't require you to download any additional software. Our self-learning algorithm actively monitors for ransomware behavior, safeguarding you against new and evolving strains of malware.

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