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Account Capture for End Users

Account capture allows Admins to force all members using a company email address for their personal Dropbox account to join their team or change the email address on their account. Learn how this action looks for the end user.

What is account capture?

In this session, we're going to be discussing account capture from the end user perspective. So after the admin turns on account capture, basically, what's going to happen is the end user is going to receive a desktop notification and an email. And anytime they try to log in, they're going to encounter an account capture flow, which is what we call it.

In that email and desktop notification, it's going to let the user know that they are being captured by their admin and they need to take action. And what that's going to look like is after they click the email, click the desktop notification, or if they try to log into Dropbox via the web, they're going to see a screen that looks like this.

So, essentially, at this point in time, they need to make a decision to either join their corporation or change their email address to a personal email. A question that comes up a lot here is, "Can I make these users stay in my team?" The answer is absolutely not. The users, because of our end-user license agreement, must be allowed to change their email address if they desire to do so. That's what we recommend to the admins—changing company policy to reflect what they would like the outcome to be. So if the employee tries to put company data in a personal Dropbox account and they move off to a Gmail, then they would be in violation of company policy.

Another question that comes up a lot here is what happens if they do nothing? So if they don't join the account and they don't change their email address, what happens to that account? As long as account capture is on, syncing is paused for this user. They cannot upload or edit any of the content in their Dropbox account, and if they try to log in via the web, they're going to encounter the same screen. Essentially, they're pretty much locked out of their account. So, what the user needs to do here is make a decision to either join the account or change the email. We're going to go over what you choose. All you need to do after this is verify the email address that you are using. So if you decide to join the account, you just need to verify your company address. If you decide to change to a personal one, after you select a new username and password, you'll just need to verify that email. That's it. Once you do so, you will now have access to your new Dropbox environment. And that is account capture.

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