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Why Dropbox Business?

Dropbox Business makes it easy for teams to safely share and collaborate, no matter where they are, no matter their device.

Bring your team together

You might be familiar with Dropbox for personal use. What if you took that storage, ability to share, and easy access to your workplace? You’d have Dropbox Business.

Take collaboration to the next level

Wondering what Dropbox Business can really do for you when it comes to collaboration? We’re glad you asked.


Share what you want

When it comes to working with others, sometimes you need to share stuff and sometimes you need to keep things private—that’s why you can control who has access to any folder. Dropbox Business makes it easy to keep your team in sync by offering ways to share only what you want.

Find peace of mind

All that collaboration is great, but what happens when someone accidentally removes or changes something important?

Never worry again about losing a file or accidentally deleting important information. Dropbox Business stores previous online versions of files and documents for 180 days, giving you the ability to restore something you might need.

Keep it separate

Maybe you use Dropbox to store your personal stuff. If you do, you know that it’s seamless. So, what happens when we bring what you love about Dropbox to your business? Great things happen.

If you’re using a personal Dropbox account and are ready to get started using Dropbox Business on the same device, you’ll want to keep your personal stuff separate from your work stuff. Since your employer owns your business Dropbox and the intellectual property within it, you'll want your vacation photos, cat videos, and your in-progress sci-fi novel separate.

Have no fear! You can have two Dropbox accounts without having to share your personal stuff with your coworkers and clients. And don’t worry, your IT admin has no visibility into your personal Dropbox account.