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How do I request stuff from others?

It’s simple. With file requests, you can request files from your coworkers and clients and collect them all in one folder—right in Dropbox.

Cut down on chaos

Use Dropbox file requests to eliminate stress and disorder when trying to collect files from your team.

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Why use file requests?

Use Dropbox file requests to easily collect the things you need from your team.


It works with everyone

File requests allow you to ask for and receive files from anyone, whether they have a Dropbox account or not.


Big files? No big deal

File requests allow you to receive large files easily. On a Dropbox Professional or Business plan, you can receive files up to 50 GB.


Stay organized

Dropbox does the organizing for you. All collected files are automatically saved in a single Dropbox folder of your choice.


Keep private stuff private

People who upload files to your file request can’t access your Dropbox account. Only you can view files uploaded by others, unless you decide to share them.

Who uses file requests?

File requests can be used anywhere by anyone.


Non-profits can profit

Non-profits can use file requests to prepare for quarterly board meetings. When every department, agency, or third-party provider needs to submit content for their presentation, file requests help to gather content from everyone.

Show me how

Would you like a more detailed look at exactly how to create, send, and manage file requests? Then take a look at these tutorials.

Creating file requests

Need a document from your team member? Creating file requests is simple.

Common questions

Still have questions about file requests? Maybe it’s one of these. If you have a question that’s not listed here, check out for more answers.

What if I just need to collect content from my team internally? Can I still use file requests?

Yep. You can use file requests for anyone you want, inside or outside of your company. It’s a great way to organize your incoming stuff.

Can I add more people to my file request once I create it?

You sure can. Just select the (…) ellipsis next to the file request you want and click Share. From there, you can copy the link and send it to whomever you’d like via email. Or just enter their email addresses, and we’ll send the invite for you.

Can I share the content I collected with others?

Yes! You can either share the file request folder directly, or move the content into an existing shared folder.

Try it out

Want a little practice using file requests to get files from your team? Follow along with this tutorial and try it yourself. Don’t need anything yet? That’s okay! You can still go through this exercise, just don’t send the link out to your team. Or better yet, try sending the request to yourself and see what happens.

Collecting content from coworkers

Imagine you want to collect information from your colleagues. You need budget reports and other sensitive internal information. Let’s request it with file requests.


Get started

Go to, and click File requests in the left sidebar.