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Admin for large businesses

Dropbox Business admin features increase visibility and centralize control over all your organization's data, no matter how many people use the software you manage.

Centralized control at your fingertips

What does it mean to be an admin for a large business?

The three musketeers

In a large business, there are usually multiple admins. Each can have their own set of permissions and responsibilities.

Team admin

In any Dropbox Business account, there must be at least one team admin. Team admins have all the available admin permissions. They can:

  • Set team-wide security and sharing permissions
  • Manage team members
  • Manage team folders
  • Assign admin rights to other team members
  • Remove or suspend other admins

User management admin

User management admins have most, but not all, admin permissions. They can:

  • Add and remove team members
  • Manage groups
  • Generate per-user activity logs

Support admin

Support admins have a smaller set of admin permissions. They can:

  • Manage team member passwords
  • Manage team member account security
  • Contact Dropbox Support with customer support requests
How do I make someone on my Dropbox Business account an admin?

If you're the team admin of a Dropbox Business team, you can make other team members admins too. You can choose to give them the same set of permissions that you have (by making them a team admin) or a more limited set of permissions.

To make someone an admin, go to the admin console and click Members in the left sidebar to see a list of all team members. Click the gear icon next to the member you want to make an admin, then select Add admin permissions.


Advanced features for the admin console

If you and your team are new to Dropbox Business or just want to learn some tips and tricks to make your job easier, enabling advanced features in the admin console can help you deploy Dropbox successfully for large businesses.


Device approvals

With a large team, you need a way to keep track of the computers, phones, and tablets your team members use to access Dropbox. Device approvals let you set a limit on the number of mobile devices or computers that team members can connect to their Dropbox Business account. Limiting device approvals helps keep your team secure.

Note: device approvals are available to Dropbox Business teams on an Advanced or Enterprise plan.


Audit logs

As an admin, you’re able to see who did what and when. Enhanced audit logs safeguard data through targeted visibility of user activity.


Network control

Network control protects data on corporate networks by blocking your team members’ access to their personal Dropbox accounts. If your company has a policy related to conducting personal activities during work, network control lets you block access to personal Dropbox accounts.

Note: network control is available to Dropbox Business teams on an Enterprise plan.


Domain verification and invite enforcement

Dropbox Business offers domain verification and invite enforcement to make the process of onboarding faster and easier for large businesses.

Domain verification allows a team admin to verify ownership of an email domain with Dropbox. After domain verification is completed, invite enforcement can be enabled. Invite enforcement requires all invited users with a personal Dropbox or Paper account created using an email on the verified domain to select from one of two options: join the team with their existing account or if their account has mostly personal content, they can change the email address associated with this account to a new personal email address.

Note: domain verification and invite enforcement are available to Dropbox Business teams on an Advanced or Enterprise plan.


Two-step verification

Two-step verification is an optional but recommended security feature you can enable. Two-step verification requires you to enter a six-digit security code along with your password when you sign in to Dropbox. If your team isn’t using single sign-on (SSO), you can enable two-step verification though Dropbox. If you’re using SSO, you can configure two-step verification through your provider.

Work how you want with Dropbox’s API

The Dropbox Business API gives you the flexibility to fit Dropbox into your existing or extended IT architecture.

Countless pre-integrated apps are available to create additional productivity and collaboration solutions for you and your team members.

The Dropbox Business API enables a whole suite of security, compliance, and administration solutions—including eDiscovery, data loss prevention (DLP), and security information and event management (SIEM).


Customize security to your team’s needs

Dropbox is designed with safety features that keep your organization's data safe. If you’re a Dropbox admin, you can add and customize these features to fit your team’s security needs.


Adding users

There are a few ways to add members to your team:

No matter which option you choose, Dropbox makes it easy to communicate with your team with these great email templates. Just copy, paste, and send!