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How can Dropbox help my team work together?

How can Dropbox help my team work together?

Dropbox team accounts aren't just for keeping your stuff organized. They make collaborating easy, so your team can stay focused on the work that really matters.

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Keep everyone on the same page

Dropbox team accounts make it easy to work with your team, whether with co-workers or clients, on all kinds of stuff.

To learn how to share files and folders with your team members, watch our file sharing tutorial.

Make your mark

Now that you know how to share files with others, let’s take a look at another collaboration tool: Comments. Everyone with access to a file can leave a comment for all other team members to see within Dropbox. No need for back-and-forth emails, instant messages, or downloading software. Now you can keep everything in one place in Dropbox—right next to the content itself.

Let’s talk - How can Dropbox help my team work together?

Let’s talk

Comments can bring the right people in the conversation and keep it flowing smoothly. Anyone who can view a file can see its comments. Comments are listed chronologically, so you’re never in danger of missing a thing.

Who can see comments left on a document?

Anyone can see comments in a document as long as they’ve been given access. You’ll only receive a notification of a new comment if you’re the file owner, if you were @mentioned, or if you are following the document.

Do I have to have a Dropbox account to comment?

Yes. You’ll need to be signed in and have access to a file to comment on it.

What if I don’t want everyone to edit my stuff?

That’s an easy one. By setting view-only permissions for specific files or folders, you can keep people from editing your stuff, but still let them view it.

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Create a new folder in the Dropbox desktop app or on