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Branding and Watermarking

Personalizzare i link condivisi e aggiungere la filigrana ai file è semplice. Scopri come utilizzare le impostazioni di branding Dropbox per uniformare i file al tuo brand.

Come personalizzare link e file condivisi

Did you know that you can change the branding for your team with any external links that they share? You can either do this by going to the admin console, which is where I am, inside the settings tab. You can then click on the team profile. This is if you are an admin for your team. And here, if you continue to scroll down, what you will see is that you can actually add a company logo, a background image, and then preview those.

You can also set an option here to allow your team members to set individual branding on a per-employee basis. So that means that an individual who might be using Dropbox. So if I go back to Dropbox on the top right-hand side, on the corner here, you will see you can click on the individual's letters or a logo if you've uploaded a profile picture. And if you go into settings, what you'll notice that as an individual user, you'll have a section here called branding. Under branding, you can do exactly the same thing as you can as an admin for the entire team, but on an individual basis by setting up a brand name and logo. Allowing you to upload files and name them as well as putting in a background image once you've done that. And again below here, we can preview them.

We can also do this whenever we use Dropbox transfer. So if I click on Dropbox transfer, you can see that here in the Dropbox transfer home page, we can customize a design, which allows you to add a background and a logo. Be aware that this changes for all of your transfers that you create. So, please use something that is agnostic to the customer, to the person that you're gonna be sending this to.

And then finally, also, if you do go to all of your files in Dropbox and you either have an image file or a PDF, you can also use branding for watermarking. So if I click on this PDF, and let me go back into my all files here, scroll to the bottom of this page, click on this PDF. On the right-hand side, you'll see that there is a right-hand rail here that has one of the options of watermarking. You can again use text or images, change the opacity here as well as the size. And again, this can be used on any image or PDF and again, save a copy here if you wish or save over the original. So just a really quick way to watermark.

So to recap, you can either set as an admin, global branding across all users, as an individual or as an admin, you can allow individuals then also to create their own branding if you wish, and that can be done at that base level on Dropbox transfer or any link that you send as well, with a small logo. So, I hope this has been useful for you today.

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