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Dropbox Account Capture for Admins

Per visualizzare le statistiche del dominio e i dati analitici relativi agli utenti, come ad esempio gli utenti attivi di recente o che hanno cambiato indirizzo email, gli amministratori devono prima verificare il proprio dominio aziendale. In seguito, potranno attivare la cattura dell’account Dropbox per obbligare tutti i membri del team che utilizzano un indirizzo email aziendale per il loro account personale a unirsi al team.

Verifica del dominio e cattura dell’account per amministratori

In this video, we're going to be discussing account capture from the admin perspective. What account capture does is it allows admins to cast a wide net to capture any personal accounts that have been created on a company-owned and verified domain. This is especially helpful for security-minded admins who want to make sure there's no intellectual property or sensitive data out there on personal accounts on their domain. It's also super beneficial for admins that are trying to deploy Dropbox wall to wall as it can force the user's hand to make a decision to join the team or to free up that account to then be provisioned on the team separately from the data that they've already created.

How to turn account capture on: First and foremost, you're gonna wanna go to your admin console, and then you're gonna go to settings and domains. Once you're there, you'll see this screen. And just to note here, a prerequisite to account capture is domain verification. So in order to capture usage on a domain, you must first verify that you own that domain. To do that, all you need to do is go to this add domain button, click it, and follow the steps there.

After you verify your domain, you'll start seeing some analytics around it, and you'll also start seeing some additional settings. These analytics, so you'll see unmanaged users, that's account of all the users that have created those personal accounts on your company verified domain. So those are gonna be referred to as unmanaged users. You also recently active, which shows you all of those unmanaged users that have been active for the last four weeks. And then you'll see a number of users of join via capture and users that have changed their email.

A question that often comes up at this point is can I see a list of the users that have their email to a personal email? And the answer unfortunately is no. We have end-user license agreements in place with those users that were created four, they were invited to this business team. And so we must respect those and allow them to opt out privately if they wish to do so. However, you can see who joined the team through the activity log, and you can get a list of those users there.

So once you verify the domain, you can come to this gear icon over on the right, and this is where you're gonna turn on account capture. So you wanna go to change capture settings. That'll pull up three options for you here: No users, not capturing any users, all users, which is account capture, and invited users. The difference between all users and invited users is that invited users is a targeted approach. So, let's say you wanted to invite your entire marketing team to Dropbox, and only your marketing team, then you could send invitations to your marketing team, make sure that invited users' capture is turned on before that. And then if they do have personal accounts created, they will go through the capture workflow, just like they would if they are account captured.

The all users capture instead, which is also known as account capture, is that wide net that we are talking about is capturing all unmanaged users on your company-verified domains. And that's what we're gonna be looking at today. So I'll select all users and hit next.

At this point, I can set on just letting users know, hey, we're creating an enterprise account with your business team and Dropbox. And if you have any questions, you can reach out to an email that the admin is able to specify here. So I'll send that email. You can also skip it if you want. I mean, at this point, I can turn on account capture immediately or I can not now and come back and turn it on later. If I wanna give users the opportunity to go ahead and review the email I just sent out and get comfortable with what's about to happen.

For all purposes, I'll go ahead and turn on capture, and I get to send another email at this point. So account capture is on. And then I have an option to send another email this time with some customized messaging. So it's a very similar email letting them know what's happening. Then I can add a custom message here. And this is a great place to specify company policy around account capture. So say, like, if you're using business data, this account, please move to the business team. If you're storing pictures of your dog or something like that, then please go ahead and move off to a Gmail or other personal account there. So great place to lay out company policy, and you can send that email as well.

Those emails are gonna automatically be sent to all unmanaged users on that domain. You can send that email as many times as you want by going back to this gear icon, clicking unmanaged users, and then in seeing that there. And you will have to do that separately for each domain that you do verify.

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