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Why collaborate with Dropbox?

Dropbox makes it easy for you to safely share and collaborate with others, helping you focus on the work that really matters to you.

Do more together

Unlock the power of Dropbox by working the way you want with the collaboration tools you need.

A new type of Paper

Dropbox Paper is the best way to collaborate easily by creating documents, tables, files, and much more. Its clean design lets you focus on what’s important: your ideas. It even works seamlessly with Dropbox so if you already have an account, you can use Paper.

Intuitive collaboration tools

With Dropbox, there are lots of ways to collaborate. It’s up to you to find the features that work best for you.



Comments allow you to talk to friends or people you’re working with directly in the file—no emailing back and forth. With commenting, you can always bring the right people into the conversation. You can make comments on an overall file or any specific part of the file. With commenting, the file owner, anyone who has commented on the file, and anyone who was @mentioned in the file will be notified.



The Dropbox badge appears on any Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel file saved in your account. When you’re working in a document, you’ll see the Dropbox badge, which lets you know that you’re working right within Dropbox. You can select the badge to take quick actions like sharing a link and viewing previous versions. The badge will also alert you as people open, view, edit, and update a shared file so you always stay in the know and avoid the dreaded conflicted copy.



Collaborating is easy when you share files and folders. You can share whole folders and let others review and edit the contents, share just a link so others can only view your file, or send file requests to gather content from others. Sharing is the best way to collaborate with Dropbox.


Deletion recovery and version history

Dropbox keeps a snapshot of every change in your Dropbox folder. Even if you and a colleague are working on the same document and end up creating your own versions, or maybe accidentally delete the file, you can view and restore older versions of the file through or by using the Dropbox badge right from the file itself.

Have important conversations in real time

With comments, you can have conversations right at the point of collaboration, whether you’re using the Dropbox desktop app, mobile app, or the Dropbox website.