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How can Dropbox help me collaborate with others?

Dropbox isn’t just for keeping your stuff organized. It makes collaborating easy, so you can stay focused on the work that really matters.

Everyone needs a home base

Now that you’re using Dropbox, you have the tools you need to make collaboration easy, productive, and enjoyable.

Make your mark

One of the ways Dropbox makes working with others a breeze is with the comments tool. Everyone with access to a file can leave a comment for everyone else to see within Dropbox. No need for back-and-forth emails, instant messages, or downloading software. Now you can keep everything in one place in Dropbox—right next to the content itself.


That’s the spot

You can leave comments on the overall file or on specific spots within a file. Just highlight text or part of an image and the comment icon will appear.

You can always go back

Mistakes happen. Sometimes you accidentally delete a file or folder. Sometimes, you just want to go back and see a previous edit that you made. Dropbox lets you access your file history and previous versions from the desktop and web. You can even review the document before you restore it to make sure it’s what you want. On, just click Deleted files in the left sidebar. From there, you can see deleted files and restore them. All better.

But nothing so good lasts forever. File version history lasts up to 180 days, depending on your account type.

Use your badge

Ah, the good old days of collaboration. Remember making changes to a document only to realize you were two versions behind? Remember the game of “last one to save wins?”

Now there’s the Dropbox badge way. With the Dropbox badge, everyone gets to keep the version they’re working on. Everyone you’re collaborating with can open the document and will be notified when anyone is viewing or making changes. Without even closing your work, you can see who’s currently working in the document and any comments they make, and view past versions of the file. The badge will even let you share the doc or create a link.


Common questions

Who can see comments left on a document?

Anyone can see comments in a document as long as they’ve been given access. You’ll only receive a notification of a new comment if you’re the file owner, if you were @mentioned, or if you are following the document.

Do I have to have a Dropbox account to comment?

Yes. You’ll need to be signed in and have access to a file to comment on it.

What if I don’t want everyone to edit my stuff?

That’s an easy one. By setting view-only permissions for specific files or folders, you can keep people from editing your stuff, but still let them view it.

Try it out

Would you like some more practice on making the most of our collaborative tools? Then watch these tutorials and try it out yourself.

Let's get collaborating

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