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Gobierno de datos

Obtén una descripción general del gobierno de datos, que combina las funciones de retención de datos y retención legal para satisfacer tus requisitos de cumplimiento y auditoría. Explora más opciones en la Consola de administración.

Funciones de retención de datos y retención legal de la Consola de administración

Hello. Today, we're gonna walk through data governance within your Dropbox environment. Data governance add-on bundles extended version history with our data retention and legal holds features so that you're ready for any compliance or audit needs at any time.

On the left-hand side, you will see where data governance lies within your console. We'll start by clicking data retention. And on this page here, you can see how it's split between active and deleted retention policies. On the right-hand side, we can click new policy.

On here, you can name the policy, add details. You can make it retention or disposition. So for retention, you prevent deletion of data for a certain period of time. And for disposition, you're deleting data automatically after a certain amount of time. You can alter the amount of time right there. Then you would select the team folder that you would want that applied to.

Following that, we'll go to legal holds. Under legal holds, you'll have the active holds and the released. Again, we'll go to the right-hand side and click new hold. You would name this hold. You would add an individual or individuals that you want this hold to be on. And then you can alter the start or end date if you want one as well. You would click activate. And there you go. So that's just a couple of examples of what data governance can do for you and your team.

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